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HeroineRowe is the official Literary Stationary Sanctum!

HeroineRowe, created by National Bestselling Author and Publisher, Mercy, is a sanctum of literary stationary created for the busy entrepreneur who's desire is to work smarter, not harder. While your main focus is creating remarkable content, we've handled the backend by creating blemish-free ebook templates for entrepreneurs of ALL industries. Browse our selection of wondrous templates that only requires the copy derived from your line of expertise. Create passive income sources in a snap!  

Get this, within HeroineRowe, you are able to download PREDESIGNED eBook templates that only requires your written content! There's NO GRAPHIC DESIGN EXPERIENCE NEEDED. Templates are designed within Microsoft, and allows you to plug and play. Here's a bonus... you can change colors and fonts as well. HeroineRowe caters to experts of ALL industries.


-Beauty (Beauticians, Makeup Artist, Nail Technicians) 

-Writing (Authors, Copywriters, Editors, Ghostwriters)

-Fashion (Models, Designers, Boutiques, Personal Shopper)

-Culinary (Chefs, Bakery Owners, Food Artists, Restaurant Owners)

-Coaching (Sports, Business, Teams, Life, Relationships)

-Training (Corporate, Business, Entrepreneur, Health & Wellness, Personal)

-Consulting (Corporate, Business, Entrepreneur, Brand, Personal)

-Art (Painter, Food Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer)

-and More


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New Additions

Each month, HeroineRowe rolls out new eBook templates for the ultimate entrepreneur to keep diversity within their catalogue without the fear of redundancy. View our latest additions for your next project.


Hey, Heroine. Go ahead and browse our section of wondrous PREDESIGNED templates, and chose which would better suit your brand's style, value, and voice. Simple plug & play to customize your brand's message. 


We know. We know. We're aware of our Diva status clients, and we've thought long and hard about accommodating your needs. Lucky for us all, we've decided to open our request & customization lines for your convenience. 


HR (HeroineRowe) was created SPECIFICALLY for the busy Heroine that has a preference of working smarter, rather than harder. Entrepreneurs are gaining leverage through eBooks and other forms of publications through methods of passive income. While the thought of creating an eBook is dreadful, we've removed the difficulties from the equation. After clients continued to express the malice within their beautiful hearts that arises from staring back at a blank document, we decided to look more into alternatives for the dreaded blank document. Hence the birth of HeroineRowe! HeroineRowe makes it as easy as COPYING & PASTING your valuable content into beautifully designed templates. 


Literary Stationary




"Dae 90"

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"Macaroon" Meal Planner"

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